The Birthing Storey – Post Birth

The Birthing Storey – Post Birth

February 6, 2009 at 6:43 pm

Well I thought I would post this, around 47 hours after Jake has been in this world. 

This is my WOW factor letter.. 

2 days ago my birthday was coming to a fast close.. 25 years old.. and 5 days till Jakes birth, on my way to a volleyball game at 7:55pm.. One hour 15 minutes later, I became a dad… Till even the following morning it had still not really sunk in.. On my way back to Mandurah from home I was thinking.. Wow.. I have a son.. In 9 months this little pea has turned into arms, legs, head and now the best part begins.. he develops and evolves his personality.. 

I won’t lie.. I’m TERRIFIED.. This is my real first time at being “Dad”, not just some “make up” dad that takes over the role because another bloke CBF.. This is my blood, my bones.. over the last 2 days, I’ve been doubting my ability to be a good dad.. Do I really have what it takes??? I feel I’ve not done all that much in my life.. I’ve been through a lot.. but my achievements list is not exactly high.. With the help of all my friends and comments on facebook, I’ve realised that not only am I going to be a great dad.. but I’m going to be my son’s best mate from birth to death.. 

They say a moment can change everything, I second that motion and carry it forward.. All those fathers out there who said to me.. “You’re not going to know what’s hit you”.. Yes, you were not wrong.. To all those who said you’ll make a great dad naturally.. Thanks.. those words allowed build my strength up.. So I hope I do well.. at least I know I’ve good a good support network right? *looks around innocently*. 

For the record, the 2 trips to Mandurah and back since Wed night have been at “regular” speeds with no rushing.. I’ve had no complaint knocks on doors or letters (yet).. 
I will continue to upload photo’s video’s and notes of my lil man’s life.. Facebook can be so much more than just a social site.. I think it can show a life storey and the dedication of a father.. and That’s what I want it to show.. My dedication to my mate & son Jake. 

Tata for Now.. 🙂

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