So tell me – What’s the point?

To be honest I’ve just had one of those interesting days where I think I’ve experienced every emotion and now I’m crashing and oh my it’s really horrible.

Started out like any other, then I got to the train station and forgot my smartrider and work pass. FAIL!.
Didn’t let that get the better of me, train ride into town was fine and my muffins from macca’s were fantastic!.

Work starts, it’s a bit slow as I wait for people to get back to me. It’s amazing how slow companies can be. I then have a dispute with a vendor, I wish I could name them because their new practice stinks. Oh I can give you a hint I guess.. Red logo, major software company.

So after that frustration I have boot camp.

Oh my god, I think I died. I knew that I was unfit, but to what extent was the question, my work friend had a pretty intense session planned and whilst I didn’t run as much as I should of I copped the chest pains, faint feeling and the shakes afterwards. Not to mention trying to put my work top back on again was.. Hard..

Work finishes around 3:30 and off I go to the train, stopping in to visit my favourite travel agent to say g’day before trotting off to the station. Train trip ride back to Bassendean is fine. Then something weird happened. I don’t know why, how, what triggered it but I felt really, really down.

In fact I haven’t felt so low since February. My sister then comes home in a bad mood because she can’t work out the new door lock I installed so I fix that for her.

It’s now 7:15pm.. In less than 12 hours I’m back at work. I don’t get this.. Why the hell do we work so long?

If you live in the suburbs, it can take around an hour or more to get to work. If you work a 40 hour week that’s a 10 hour day pretty easy. By the time you get home, prepare dinner and settle down it’s often past 8pm and you realise you’re going to have to do that again, and again, and again for how long?.

How long must we put up with government and societies expectation that we work pretty much our whole lives?.

I guess you have to change it your self.  Find something, create something, invent something, become more than you ever anticipated. Become stronger, bigger, wiser, make mistakes and learn from them and become greater.

Don’t get tied down into the boring simple existence of all work and no play. Give your self a week off work every 3 months. Take more if you can. Negotiate better working hours, start your own business. Don’t aim to be a millionaire just aim to be comfortable. 🙂

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