Why for you hating so much?

I would far rather have done this in a youtube video however I don’t know how much abuse I’d cop for it, so I’m doing it this way instead. Who knows maybe there’s a 2.0 that will come out of this?.

Dear the people of Earth… “Why for you hating so much” put what ever accent you like on that quote it really means the same thing. Recent studies with kids show that our differences in colour, religion, sexuality mean nothing, so why is it that as young adults, fully grown adults and even the elderly do we still seem to have so much judgement or intolerance of other peoples sexuality, religion, culture?.

Here’s some advice for all of you. “Who cares”.

Who cares what your sexuality is, are you that afraid of people who like the same sex that you’re going to lock your self inside your house for ever? – Get over it.

Who cares what religion your neighbour is. Are you going to go over to their house and say that they shouldn’t believe in what they believe in just because you don’t believe in it? – Get over it.

Who cares that a group of people believe in something that you don’t. – Get over it.

Of course, there are lines with all of these things and this is where much of the conflict comes from.

As young people we know what is right and what is wrong. It’s an internal feeling that starts quite young. Yet along the way as we get older many of us are “derailed” and taught things that lead us to believe that the way we think is wrong and that certain people shouldn’t be allowed to do certain things or certain people believe that because you believe in another religion that you should die.

Since when, ever, do you believe that you can become the judge and executioner of someone’s life just because of their cultural or religious belief? Yes, I’m talking to you ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
Since when was it ok to kill a fellow man/woman or child just because of that?.

Now let’s move on to something more recent. “Racial hatred” and we can start this one by saying the following..

“I don’t care what colour your skin is”

This is my own personal belief. I honestly don’t care. Name the colours in all shades and I really just don’t care.

HOWEVER – Don’t you dare for one minute accuse me or abuse me and call me racist just because I didn’t agree with something that you said?. Are you serious? Reverse racism, well there’s no crime with that now is there?

In the United States right now there are riots, looting and all sorts happening because a “white” policeman shot a “black” man.

Ok – rewind. Let’s try this again.

In the United States right now there are riots, looting and all sorts happening because a policeman shot a man on the street.

NOW the policeman shot a man on the street, that’s the news story here. Regardless of colour, regardless of their dress sense, a policeman has taken the life of someone.

The simple question is “why?”. What cause an officer to drawn his weapon and use lethal force in the middle of the road?. That is the first and foremost important question that needs answering.

Were you there? did you see what happened? can you tell me 110% that this policeman had so much hatred for Non-Caucasian people that he felt he had to kill this man? Probably not. So perhaps wait for the facts before you go out and ruin a city because of something you “think” has happened.

Oh – and before you start interpreting what I’ve said, at no time have I been racist, at no time have I defended anyone and at no time have I accused anybody. Remember that in the eyes of the law, the law which you call upon when something bad happens to you, all are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of their peers.

So, “why for you hating so much”.

The world cannot change without progress, the world cannot change without acceptance and we cannot change without working together.

Oh – Here’s a good one for you..

What’s an indian male (hindu), australian man(catholic) and Lebanese man (muslim) all living in Australia working in the same place got in common?

Everything. – They’re all “men” they all have their own beliefs (no matter what), they all work, they all have families which they love, they all participate in their communities.
Oh – and they all catch-up after work on Friday’s, together and have a drink and a laugh. They talk about everything and anything and have some great debates.
However, at the end of the night, we share a kebab, find our way home and know that it doesn’t matter the colour of our skin or what we believe in. We share common ground and have a great time together. We’re friends. That’s all that matters.


Until next time planet Earth, it’s been real.. Give your mate a hug from me.

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