The Birthing Storey – Post Birth

February 6, 2009 at 6:43 pm

Well I thought I would post this, around 47 hours after Jake has been in this world. 

This is my WOW factor letter.. 

2 days ago my birthday was coming to a fast close.. 25 years old.. and 5 days till Jakes birth, on my way to a volleyball game at 7:55pm.. One hour 15 minutes later, I became a dad… Till even the following morning it had still not really sunk in.. On my way back to Mandurah from home I was thinking.. Wow.. I have a son.. In 9 months this little pea has turned into arms, legs, head and now the best part begins.. he develops and evolves his personality.. 

I won’t lie.. I’m TERRIFIED.. This is my real first time at being “Dad”, not just some “make up” dad that takes over the role because another bloke CBF.. This is my blood, my bones.. over the last 2 days, I’ve been doubting my ability to be a good dad.. Do I really have what it takes??? I feel I’ve not done all that much in my life.. I’ve been through a lot.. but my achievements list is not exactly high.. With the help of all my friends and comments on facebook, I’ve realised that not only am I going to be a great dad.. but I’m going to be my son’s best mate from birth to death.. 

They say a moment can change everything, I second that motion and carry it forward.. All those fathers out there who said to me.. “You’re not going to know what’s hit you”.. Yes, you were not wrong.. To all those who said you’ll make a great dad naturally.. Thanks.. those words allowed build my strength up.. So I hope I do well.. at least I know I’ve good a good support network right? *looks around innocently*. 

For the record, the 2 trips to Mandurah and back since Wed night have been at “regular” speeds with no rushing.. I’ve had no complaint knocks on doors or letters (yet).. 
I will continue to upload photo’s video’s and notes of my lil man’s life.. Facebook can be so much more than just a social site.. I think it can show a life storey and the dedication of a father.. and That’s what I want it to show.. My dedication to my mate & son Jake. 

Tata for Now.. 🙂

Re-done by popular Demand

February 5, 2009 at 12:02 am

Well I thought while it is fresh on my mind I better write it all down.. 

It all starts at 7:55pm Wednesday 4th of Feb 09 ( My 25th B’day!!!)…
As I get into my car to go to volleyball I get a call from Penny who advises that BJ is in hospital and that bub is most likely coming tomorrow… So Ok, that’s cool.. Next minute she says hold up… Double checks with the nurse.. Nope, he’s coming in the next 45 mins and I need to get my belly up down from Koondoola to Mandurah… Total trip … 100km according to car.. 

With only 43km to empty I knew I would need a fuel stop.. so I FLEW to Caltex (basil’s) on Wanneroo rd cnr main st and got out to fuel up, only to be tailed up for a paddy wagon.. As the 2 officers got out.. I kindly said in a VERY fast paced voice.. “Help me if you can but my partner is having emergency c-section in mandurah in 45 minutes and I don’t care if you book me or what but I’m going to speed again anyway so either help me out by escorting me, book me and ruin my life or just walk away”… he said they can’t escort me and to just drive safe.. 

So by this time my nerves have started to kick in.. So off I go to pay the fuel, back in the car and we’re on our way.. only to get to the Wanneroo rd and Morley dve lights to have an undercover falcon infront of me.. Knowing it was most likely NOT going to work a second time I took the back streets to hutton st on ramp and hit the freeway… FAST… 

At this stage it was now 8:10pm and I was freaking.. I was going to miss the birth of my boy and god so help me I’d be real upset.. So I phoned the Traffic office and asked under extreme circumstances if mr plod could help me out.. Short answer no, but was told good luck, do what you have to.. So Off that phone call onto the Peel health campus to ask them to STALL the operation as much as possible.. Which they said they’d try… 

As I crossed the city and hit the Kwinana freeway I was really pushing it now.. those who know commodore/statemen speedo’s can guess what I say when I say that my speedo was now reaching “2:30” and “3:00″… I was really moving.. hazard lights on and lights flashing to hope that people would move out the way.. 90% did.. others tried to be smartasses.. but a quick sign to show baby signals, they soon realised why I was booting.. 

Before you all start.. YES I know speeding is bad… blah blah blah.. but get stuffed. I wasnt missing this for nothing.. and yes.. THERE IS SUCH THING AS SAFE SPEEDING. don’t care who you are.

As I got closer to mandurah Dave(Bj’s dad) called me to advise that she’s now gone into theatre.. (8:26pm)… I’m packing my dacks now.. speed gets a little higher with clean & clear freeway from farrington rd.. I was able to make wicked time.. Then the really bad part that really did almost cost the lot.. The fire in Port Kennedy.. The policeman would NOT let me through even with the storey of bub and all.. So I lead footed it around him and got around port kennedy, as I did that I called Mandurah Police to ask for assistance in getting to the hospital.. A for directions and B for no trouble.. I got both which was great.

As I finally pulled into the hospital with Dave’s guidance and 4 other people directing my car where to park so I can lead foot into theatre, I jump out, leave my keys, wallet, and sunnies in the car and race inside.. Thanks Leanne for clearing up me keys and car :).

10 mins to spare, I got scrubbed up, and in I went.. (Bj was already in and ready to go.).
BJ was happy to see me, she was really worried that I would miss out on the birth.. as was I!.
To keep her calm and not thinking about the procedure, we talked about her day and my day and my fast paced trip to Mandurah… 
15 mins later, Jake appears, sqworking and squirking but then nice and calm and happy to be out.. My lil man.. all that I could have expected and more.. 

Happy birthday Jeff, Your son Jake is your present from your self and Bj.. oddly enough.. lol.. So selfish aren’t I??? :P.